Tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica

While the entire country of Costa Rica represents 0.03% of landmass on the planet, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve alone houses 2.5% of the world's biodiversity.

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About Monteverde

Monteverde is a complete paradise of nature. With an impressive cloud forest and a large amount of fauna, Monteverde has become one of the main tourist destinations of Costa Rica.

The Monteverde area covers the center of the country, located right on the dividing line between the Pacific coast and the Caribbean Sea. This way Monteverde and its habitats are constantly influenced by both climate factors coming from both directions, thus causing the Monteverde forest to become impressively cloudy and rainy throughout the year.

The altitude of the Monteverde area combined with all the climate characteristics allow this area to preserve approximately 120 species of mammals, 131 species (between amphibians and reptiles), 450 species of birds, and nearly 4,000 species of plants. In addition, in Monteverde you can find approximately 500 species of orchids.

Monteverde is currently one of the most developed nature destinations in Costa Rica. In Monteverde you can find several activities, from guided tours with a specialist in many different fields such as birds, amphibians, insects, as well as many adventure and adrenaline activities such as zipline tours or ATV.

Here in Monteverde you will have a wide variety of hotels with incredible attractions and resources to fully enjoy the amazing nature.

The Monteverde experience and tours will give you a memorable vacation in Costa Rica!