Monteverde Horseback Riding

About this tour

The Horseback Riding Tour in Monteverde is one of the most popular activities for families. During this tour you will be able to enjoy the wonderful Monteverde Cloud Forest and also observe incredible ocean views from the very high mountains of Monteverde.

The locals in Monteverde are faithful horse's lovers. In fact, just a few years ago it was still the only transport source, due to the topography of the area. It was much easier and more accessible to have horses for transportation.

The tour consists of 2 to 3 hours, riding through trails and private roads surrounded by secondary and primary forest. We visit places away from people, where you can feel relaxed and enjoy the sound of nature.

During the tour we can observe a great variety of species such as monkeys, sloths, toucans, among others ...

The tour begins at 8:00 am, this is an excellent time to fully enjoy the fauna of the jungle and thus be able to see more birds and animals.

The tour is suitable for anyone and it is not required to have previous experience to participate. Small children must be accompanied by an adult of the family.

Tour info

3 hrs
Local expert guides, all necessary gear.
US $70 per person.
8:00 am
Long pants, closed toed shoes, raincoat, camera, insect repellent.
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