Tours in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose City is the metropoli os Costa Rica. With a rich history and culture, this fascinant place offers excellent sights to enjoy. The people are characterized by happiness and pride for their beautiful country.

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About San José

San José is the capital city of our beautiful country Costa Rica. Known as the heart of the large metropolitan area, San José is the most important commercial city in Costa Rica. The city currently has a population of approximately 400 thousand inhabitants, however the entire large metropolitan area has approximately 3 million inhabitants.

San José is an extraordinarily rich city with great cultural history and its population is highly charming. Costa Rican people love being good Samaritans and they like to be described as incredibly happy people.

Among the most popular attractions to visit in the capital city of Costa Rica, we have the National Museum of Costa Rica, which is a truly historical jewel of our culture.

Another extremely popular place is the Grand Central Market of Costa Rica; this site brings together all the artisans and artists of Costa Rica. The Grand Central Market of Costa Rica is like a mini commercial city with the most authentic atmosphere and culture of Costa Rica.

Awfully close to San José you will find incredible nature and adventure tours, such as White-Water Rafting, Poas Volcano, Irazu Volcano, La Paz Waterfalls Garden, and much more ....

The experience and tours in San José will give you an unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica!