Rainforest Aerial Tram

About this tour

This is a great nature adventure in the rain forests of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Located 1 hour from the capital city of Costa Rica.

Enjoy a memorable visit to the Rain Forest Aerial Tram and observe the great preserved nature of the Caribbean mountains.

During this tour you will be able to appreciate many animals such as toucans, monkeys, sloths, hummingbirds, among many other species. You will also be able to observe hundreds of different and interesting native plants and trees of Costa Rica.

The aerial tram ride covers 2.6km and its duration is approximately an hour and twenty minutes, taking you smoothly through the lush treetops of the rainforest. A wonderful opportunity to experience this primary forest first-hand, these outdoor gondolas can take six people plus the naturalist tour guide. Your guide will provide excellent information regarding the various ecosystems that exist in this rainforest, from the forest floor to the treetops. As well, the guide will help you spot creatures hanging on the tree branches or flying among the trees.

Tour info

6 hrs
Free parking, aerial tram ride, and naturalist guide.
US $120 per person.
7:30 am
Binoculars, camera and walking close shoes.
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