Rainforest Aerial Tram

About this tour

A visit to the Rain Forest Aerial Tram along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast ensures an experience filled with natural beauty, animal spotting, and educational opportunities. Located 50 minutes from San Jose, this 475-hectare (1,200 acre) private reserve shares a border with the Baulio Carrillo National Park and protects huge numbers of plant and animal species.

The Aerial Tram, which covers 2.6 km and takes about an hour and twenty minutes to complete, glides you smoothly through the lush treetops of the rainforest. A wonderful opportunity to experience this primary forest first hand, these open-air gondolas can seat up to six people and include a naturalist guide. Your guide will help inform you about the various ecosystems existing within the rainforest - from the forest floor to the top of the trees - and will help to spot critters swinging, hanging, or flying through the trees.

Tour info

6 hrs
Free parking, aerial tram ride, and naturalist guide.
US $120 per person.
7:30 am
Binoculars, camera and walking close shoes.
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