Don Juan Coffee Tour, Chocolate and Sugar Cane

About this tour

Costa Rica has a perfect climate, with the best land conditions for growing coffee. This is the reason why this important grain has such an influence on the history of Costa Rica.

Monteverde is one of the places where all-natural factors come together to allow coffee to grow having the best quality as possible.

During this wonderful tour you will learn about the wonderful history and traditions of this important fruit. We will also show you the chocolate and sugar cane organic plantations.

The tour begins with an interesting introduction to the cultural and socio-economic history of these crops in Costa Rica. The guide will explain the complete process of the coffee plant and fruit development.

Then we will learn how to collect the coffee beans. So, each one will take a typical basket to participate in a mini collection (a wonderful scene for photographs).

Then we will learn the special techniques to process the coffee beans, how to clean them and put them to roast.

After enjoying and learning about coffee, we will take you for a ride in a cart with oxen, which is the traditional way for farmers to transport crops. At the end of this fascinating tour we will enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at Rancho Tipico Don Juan.

The tour also includes a visit to the chocolate processing center, where you can enjoy the memorable experience of how to make chocolate. For this we have a 100% organic cocoa plantation. Here you will learn firsthand about one of the most historical fruits in the world.

Finally, we will visit the sugar cane processing plant, where you can collect your own canes and extract the delicious natural sugar juice from the cane.

This tour is good for all ages!

Tour info

3 hrs
Tour Guide, coffee picking, and plantation tour.
US $55
10:00 am, 3:00 pm
Comfortable clothing, camera, and sunscreen, insect repellent.
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