Curi-Cancha Nature Tour

About this tour

The Curi-Cancha Nature Reserve is one of the best attractions for wildlife observation in all Monteverde.

The reserve has several trails in both dense and open forest. This allows us to easily observe the high variety of species from this natural habitat. Perhaps Curi-Cancha is the best place to observe the Resplendent Quetzal in Monteverde, as well as many other species of birds. You can also find a lot of mammals in Curi-Cancha, such as armadillos, sloths, coatis, agoutis, ocelots, and many others...

The nature guide will explain to you the biological history of the animals. The guide knows very well the secret places where you can find the different species that are hidden in the jungle.

Curi-Cancha Reserve has approximately 8 kilometers of trails, in which you will fully enjoy the fauna.

The tour is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Recommended for all ages.

Tour info

3 hrs
Professional guides, professional equipment and admission fee to the reserve.
US $75 per person.
7:30 am
Closed and comfortable shoes, long pants, water, insect repellent, sunscreen and a waterproof jacket.
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