Coffee'N Jungle Night Tour

About this tour

Coffee'N Jungle Night Tour is a perfect blend of coffee tradition and wildlife adventure in Monteverde.

On this night tour visitors will learn a lot about the whole coffee process in a very interesting way because it is a dynamic experience that is plenty of fun, not to mention the tasting of one of the best coffees in the world.

But Coffee'N Jungle is not just about coffee, it is also about nature. That is why part of the tour is dedicated to exploring the forest as it is an experience very different than that of a daytime.

Indeed, at night we can be spectators of the wonderful concert that is performed jointly by several species of frogs and hundreds of insects while witnessing the ephemeral artworks painted by fireflies with light brushes. And with a little luck, we could observe other forest dwellers such as the patient two-toed sloth or the elusive kinkajou.

This tour is a 3 in 1 activities:

Coffee Tour

It is in the coffee plantation where visitors have the opportunity to know the coffee plants and depending on the season, the flowers and fruits.

Throughout the interesting coffee process that ranges from baby plant care to the roasting we reveal simple but important "secrets" that will enable the visitor to choose a good coffee when they return home.

Of course, we do not put aside the taste of our great coffee. At this point, we will show our visitors the simplest and easiest way to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

Chocolate Tour

Cocoa has been one of the greatest legacies of our indigenous ancestors, it is the basic component of chocolate which is appreciated throughout the world today because of exquisite taste and important properties.

On this tour we show you the most interesting aspects about the chocolate in a delightful way.

The mini chocolate tour is an extra bonus, it is the way to thank your visit.

Walk in the woods

The goal at this stage of the tour is the observation of the nocturnal wildlife, which normally can not be seen during the day.

It takes place in the protected forest that actually is about 50% of our property and that extends along a creek that runs through the farm where we have the coffee plantation.

It is common to observe frogs, sloths, various insects and other species.

Tour info

2 hrs
Professional guides, Transportation, Coffee Tour, Mini chocolate Tour, Guided Walk in the Forest, Flaslights and all coffee you want to drink.
US $50 per person.
6:00 pm
Long pants (or long shorts), closed- toed shoes, raincoat, bug spray and camera.
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