Coffee'N Jungle Night Tour

About this tour

Coffee and Jungle Night Tour is an excellent combination of coffee culture and nature in Monteverde.

During this tour you can learn about the entire history of coffee and its cultivation process, you can also taste the most delicious coffee in Monteverde. We also have an organic Chocolate crop.

The tour is combined with a nature walk by a specialized guide, where you can observe species such as sloths, snakes, frogs, owls among many other species.

This tour is a 3 in 1 activities:

Coffee Tour

This part of the activity takes place in the coffee plantation, in which you can learn about the whole history of coffee and the cultivation processes. You will be able to know the plants, their flowers, and their fruits, we will also teach you the secrets to know how to choose quality fruits.

Chocolate Tour

The cacao fruit is perhaps the one with the most history in our lands. This was a great legacy of our ancestors and today it is still considered one of the most valuable treasures in the world. In this short tour we will teach you about cocoa fruits, we will tell you about the history of cocoa in Costa Rica and about the preparation process. You can also taste some delicious organic chocolates made in our garden.

Night Jungle Walk

This part of the tour is extremely exciting. The animals that can be observed among some are sloths, frogs, snakes, owls, etc...

During the walk you can take pictures of the animals and learn about the biology of the different nocturnal species.

Tour info

2 hrs
Professional guides, Transportation, Coffee Tour, Mini chocolate Tour, Guided Walk in the Forest, Flaslights and all coffee you want to drink.
US $50 per person.
6:00 pm
Long pants (or long shorts), closed- toed shoes, raincoat, bug spray and camera.
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