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Our tour starts by welcoming you in our facilities, where our receptionists will help you fill out the documents and formalities necessary to carry out this type of activity.

We will then go to the dressing room where our guides will proceed to place the necessary safety equipment for this trip, then you will receive a small talk with the instructions and safety measures that you must know to achieve a good development during the trip. Once your doubts are clear, we can start this exciting adventure.

Through a wide metal ladder we will reach the first platform, where the guides will review the equipment again and provide the necessary instructions on this cable, everything ready, we can slide through our first cable, then we will go through another cable, these will not They are very long and are at an average height, so you can become familiar with this activity. You will then pass a hammock bridge, in addition to four more cables, these with different distances and elevations, until you reach the "rappel" part, where you will have the opportunity to make a vertical descent of 15 meters, aided by a rope; for this activity they will be duly instructed by our experienced guides.

We fly again between the canopy of the forest, passing three more cables, which go from the 500mts and the 1590mts in them have the possibility of doing the position of superman and then the "Swing of Tarzan or Tarzan Swing", one of the more exciting activities of the tour, at this point we will climb to a platform where our guides will tie a rope to your harness that is elastic, properly secured, from there you can make a jump to the vacuum of 40 meters. In this activity you will have the help of four specialized guides, two of them will help you jump from the upper platform and the other two will stay receiving it on the lower platform. In this part of the tour, you can take pictures and rest while the rest of your companions pass by.

This last segment of our tour is famous for having longer cables from Latin America and high, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and nature.

From here, we will then return to the facilities of 100% Adventure, where our guides will help you remove the equipment, and where we will thank you for your visit.

Tour info

3 hrs
10 cables in regular position, a hammock bridge, a rappel, a buggy ride, 2 superman (longest in Central America, and a Tarzan swing.
US $60 per person.
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Long pants, comfortable shoes and camera
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