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About this tour

The tour begins with a warm welcome in our operation center. Immediately the tour guides will provide you an important explanation about the tour and its operation, as well as the security rules and instructions for the tour. Immediately the guides will set the safety equipment with harnesses of the highest quality standards for maximum enjoyment and comfort during the adventure. Once you are ready, we can start the adventure and get the adrenaline pumping to the maximum.

The tour begins with a short walk in the forest, then we will climb up to the canopy forest through a system of metal steps that lead you to the top of the trees. Once we are up, the guides will check all the equipment of each client again and will provide instructions for a greater enjoyment of the adventure. Then we start the adventure!

The first cables are short and medium height, so you can quickly become familiar with the dynamics of the tour and thus gain more confidence. Then we will walk over a bridge of hammocks, followed by four more cables of long distances and greater height.

Then we come to the "rappel" part, where we will make a vertical descent of 40 feet in height.

Next, after the rappel, we do three more zip lines flying through the incredible canopy of the cloud forest. The cables have lengths from 500 meters to 1590 meters. Thus, being few of the longest cables in the world. In the long cables we can do the superman position.

Then we do the famous "Tarzan Swing" which will bring your adrenaline levels to the maximum. For this part of the adventure, the guides will take you to a platform on top the canopy forest, and using a specialized system of elastic ropes for bungee jumping, as well using the highest safety standard equipment, you will be able to jump 100 from approximately 100 feet high.

For this part of the activity you will have the help of a total of 4 specialized guides, two of them will instruct you to jump from the platform and the other 2 guides will be down to receive you on the lower platform.

We have no doubt that this is one of the most exciting tours in all of Costa Rica.

This tour is recommended for real adventurers.

Tour info

3 hrs
9 cables in regular position, a hammock bridge, a rappel, 2 superman zip lines (includes the longest zip line in Costa Rica – 5220 ft. or 1590 m) and a tarzan Swing.
US $60 per person.
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Long pants, comfortable shoes and camera
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