Sky Tram & Sky Walk Monteverde

About this tour

Located in the very heart of the Cloud Forest in Monteverde. The Sky Trek Park is one of the most impressive attractions for adventurers.

The Sky Trek Park has an incredible combination of experiences, which visitors can fully enjoy and have a memorable adventure in the wonderful cloud forests of Monteverde.

During this tour you will walk along the most impressive hanging bridges and you will ride the wonderful gondolas which will take you to the highest part of the Cloud Forest.

Sky Tram:

The relaxing open-air gondola ride will take you through the entire cloud forest over the top of it, where you can observe many animals and birds. You can also take incredible photographs from the top of the canopy forest. The gondola will take you to the highest part of the forest, where you will find a large observation area for a better appreciation of the magnificent scenery in the cloud forest.

Sky Walk:

The suspension bridges of the SkyWalk are long and high. It is an impressive walk and you will be able to observe first-hand the amazing flora and fauna growing on the treetops. You will see ferns, orchids, a countless number of birds and different mammals. During the Sky Walk the guide will help you to find the animals and will give you some interesting biological educational information about the forest ecosystems.

Special Notes
  • This is recommended for all ages.

Tour info

6 hrs
Guided tour and a ride in a cable car.
US $80 per person.
7:00 am
Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, raincoat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a camera.
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