Sky Tram & Sky Walk Monteverde

About this tour

Get above Monteverde's cloud forest to see the busiest part of this environment – the canopy. 90 percent of the plants and animals in the Monteverde cloud forest live in the canopy. When you're at this elevation, you can come face-to-face with the monkeys and birds. This tour has two distinct sections – your tour will include a walk over trails and suspension bridges, as well as a ride in a cable car.

On your 1.5-mile (2.5-km) walk you'll cross a total of 6 bridges. Each of these bridges provides an unobstructed view of the Monteverde canopy. You'll be surrounded by dense greenery and musical birdcalls. Bring binoculars and keep an eye out for the quetzal – one of the most highly sought specimens by bird watchers.

You'll also get to climb aboard a sky tram, and float over the cloud forest on a ride that offers a spectacular opportunity for taking photographs. This ride ascends 570 feet (175 m). There is plenty of room for you to get up and look out over the rail of your sturdy cable car. You can also request that the cable car pause so you can get a good look at any animals you may spot along the way.

Tour info

6 hrs
Guided tour and a ride in a cable car.
US $80 per person.
7:00 am
Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, raincoat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a camera.
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