Miravalles Volcano Tour

About this tour

This tour begins with a one-hour drive through the Guanacaste mountain range. During this portion, you'll be privileged with excellent views of the dormant Miravalles Volcano. Although the volcano hasn't experienced significant eruptions in some time, it continues to expel gas and geysers near its base— expulsions that are used by the government to produce geothermal energy.

The bus stops at Las Hornillas, a site that's at the foot of the volcano and close to many of these geysers. Here, you'll be either ride on horseback or be towed in a horse-drawn carriage to a nearby forest. You'll hike for 40 minutes through a biologically diverse forest and visit some scenic waterfalls.

Following the hike, you'll be treated to a soak in local hot springs. Let your muscles relax as you take in views of nature or get covered with volcanic mud. The trip finishes with delicious lunch before returning to your hotel.

Tour info

6 hrs
Lunch, water, guide, transportation, entrance fees to the park, and hot springs.
US $180 per person.
7:30 am
Swimming suit, rain poncho, hiking/running shoes, sandals, change of clothing, binoculars, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat.
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