Rainmaker Park Tour

Rainmaker Park Tour

Hanging Bridges and Waterfalls

The Rainmaker Park is a private biological reserve that was created originally for scientific investigations, as it is a rainforest with an amazing habitat full of wildlife. The Rainmaker Park is located approximately 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park and most of the hotels.

The tour begins with a walk in the rainforest, looking for all kinds of birds, insects and amphibians; you'll walk through some small hanging bridges on the way all over the primary forest as you walk up the mountains. The walk will take you to the top of the Rainmaker Park Mountain, where you will see an amazing ocean view.

Continuing the walk on the trails, you will come to the Canopy Bridge system section. This system consists of suspension bridges, built to U.S. engineering standards. The six sections total 250 meters, spanning from platforms attached to massive hardwood trees to create the most impressive Canopy Walk in Costa Rica. This design permits minimal forest impact to the Rainmaker Park, giving our participants an opportunity to explore the majesty of the forest canopy from a bird's eye view.

As we continue the walk in the jungle you'll find the beautiful pristine river of the Rainmaker Park. Hand rails and easy to follow footpaths along with observation platforms allow you to observe waterfalls and capture with photographs the rich biodiversity that this unique site has to offer.

Right after walking the hanging bridges section a pristine waterfall located at the heart of the Rainmaker Park, will beckon you to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Tour info

4 hrs
Transportation from your hotel to the park (round trip), entrance fee to the park, tour guide. Private tours are available upon a customized request.
US $59 per person.
Private tours available - minimum 4 people.
8:00am, 10:00am and 1:00pm
Camera, hiking shoes, light clothes, bathing suit.
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