Night Mangrove Boat Tour

The Mangrove Forest

The Mangrove Forest is one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world. Covering thousands of acres of protected forest, this amazing environment is home to a large number of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. Approximately 70% of its wildlife is nocturnal, a fact that has made the Night Mangrove Tour one of our most fascinating adventures.

Our professional team will take you on a unique exploration of the mangroves in search of crocodiles, turtles, boas, lizards, bats, birds, crabs, raccoons, anteaters, and more. You will be safely transported through the mangrove channels on our fully equipped boat (there will be no walking on this tour). Discover and enjoy some of the most amazing wonders and secrets of this incredible ecosystem.

This tour is recommended for all ages.

Tour info

3 hrs
Transportation, a nice and comfortable boat, two powerful lights for the night, one nature specialist, one crocodile hunter and one captain for driving the boat, typical dinner and drinks after the tour.
US $69 per person.
5:40 pm
Camera, insect repellent.
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