Night Jungle Tour

Rainmaker Park

Costa Rica is well known throughout the world for its vastness in wildlife. However, most species are always hidden during the day and you would only be able to observe them during the very few hours when come out to seek for their food, which happens during the first hours of the night.

Our night tour is in the stunning Rainmaker Park. Located approximately 30 minutes from the Manuel Antonio Park area. The trails at Rainmaker Park are easy to access and the conditions of this habitat are perfect for amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and much more. The Rainmaker Park is where they've discovered the great reappearance of the famous and almost extinct harlequin frog thus becoming an important field of research and scientific studies for herpetologists worldwide.

This night walk takes about 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours and is led by a professional and expert certified guide. During the expedition you may see bats, Jesus Christ lizard, spiders, owls, high varieties of frogs, snakes and many interesting insects.

We use a special equipment for the night and we give to each of our customers a flashlight for a better appreciation during the activity.

This is a great option to comply your nature trip in Manuel Antonio Park area. We'll be happy to receive you.

Note: The night tour it is not operated in the Manuel Antonio Park itself because the park should remain completely closed after 4:00 PM, according to the constitutional protection law in Costa Rica. Although since Manuel Antonio Park is not a rainforest habitat, then it happens to have less nightlife. So definitely Rainmaker Park is the best for your nature night trip.

Tour info

3 hrs
Transportation, entrance fee to the park,professional LED lights for each customer, one nature specialist, typical dinner and drinks after the walk.
US $59 per person.
5:10 pm
Camera, hiking shoes, long pants, insect repellent, bottle of water and your own lights if you wish.
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