Carara National Park Birdwatching Tour

Carara National Park

Carara National Park is definitely the best birding site in the central pacific of Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park is definitely a great location for observing wildlife. Although it is not as good for bird watching because this location happens to be quite busy, the high number of visitors make the Manuel Antonio Park to be less good for observing birds. So, this is the reason why we highly recommend you Carara Park for bird watching. By the way Carara Park is considered to be one of the best places in Costa Rica for birds.

Located approx 1 ½ hours north from Manuel Antonio and Quepos. The geographic position of the area make its forest to be transition zone regarding the weather, where the tropical rain-forest meets the dry forest. This makes Carara to be a perfect spot for both rain-forest and some dry-forest species, gathering different habitats such as primary and secondary rain forest, gallery forest, thickets, grasslands, rivers and others, simply a must visit to any birder coming to Costa Rica.

The main target species at this park would be Scarlet Macaws, Antbirds, Tinamous, Trogons, Manakins, Motmots, Jacamars and many other unique or endemic costarican species.

Our birding adventure to Carara Park starts with an early pickup at your hotel in Manuel Antonio, as we drive north towards Carara we would make some strategic stops in order to find some special birding spots that we know.

For this tour you can add a visit to the Tarcoles River (2 hours birding along the river) upon your personal request.

Tour info

4:40 am
A/C Transportation from your hotel (round trip), Naturalist Tour Guide with professional equipment for bird watching, Cooler with bottles of water and snacks, Lunch and entrance fee to the Park.
US $250 per person (River Boat Birding is $80 additional per person)
8 hours (approx).
Binoculars, sunblock, hiking shoes, bug spray, camera and NO colorful clothing.
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