Canopy Zipline Tour Santuario Park

Canopy Zipline Tour Santuario Park

The Canopy Zip line tour is one of the activities most desired tours by travelers. And yes, we have the best canopy tour in the Manuel Antonio Park area.

Our zip line adventure is at Santuario Park, which is located approximately 20 minutes from the Manuel Antonio Park area.

Santuario Park has an extensive primary forest, with very impressive old trees. On this tour you can enjoy beautiful and unique plants such as the walking palms. The zip lines at Santuario Park are long and fast. During this tour you can enjoy incredible views from the top of the forest, walk on impressive suspension bridges, and observe many species of wildlife.

By the way, Santuario Park Canopy has the third longest cable in the world (approximately one mile length). This is definitely a true adventure that you will fully enjoy while you are on your vacation at the Manuel Antonio Park area.

The canopy tour has over 3.6 kilometers of total zip line length on 10 lines, 14 tree platforms, 3 nature walks, 6 hanging bridges, a rappel secured by a top and bottom belay and air stairs. Mountain, jungle, canopy, and ocean views.

Special Notes:

  • This is recommendable for all ages
  • Minimum age allowed is 4 years old

Tour info

~ 4 hrs
Transportation, the longest single Zip Line in Central America at over 4,300 Feet, 14 tree platforms, 3 Towers, 6 hanging bridges, 11 double anchored ziplines totaling over 3.6 kilometers in length, 3 nature walks, 1 double belay rappel, typical Costa Rican lunch after the tour.
US $85 per person
7:00 am - 10:00 am (pickup at your hotel).
Insect repellent, sun screen.
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