Pacific Rainforest Tranopy Tour

About this tour

Pacific Rainforest Tranopy is located to the east of Jaco in the protected mountains of Garabito, with an amazing rainforest habitat.

This tour has a great combination of nature with adventures such as the Gondolas and the ziplines.

The Pacific Rainforest Tranopy is a private reserve that was created for scientific purposes, such as the study of flora and fauna, in addition. As well for protecting the habitat that this natural treasure preserves.

During the tour, the naturalist guides will take you on an incredible ride over the canopy forest with the gondolas. From the gondolas you can observe waterfalls in the rainforest, an incredible number of animals and birds, as well you can also enjoy the most incredible views of the evergreen rainforest. We recommend you bring a camera, so you can be able to photograph the place. The ziplines part is with 10 cables and 15 platforms. The cables are over 600 feet long. After the zip line tour, we will take you to an ornamental plant garden where you can observe many hummingbirds and other species of colorful birds.

Tour info

4 hrs
Naturalist guide, tram ride, zip lines, safety gear.
US $90 per person.
7:00 am
Light-weight rain jacket, binoculars, camera and closed-toed shoes.
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