Drake Bay Bird Watching Tour

About this tour

The Birdwatching tour in Drake Bay is a very worthy nature activity, due to the geographic position of the place, which allows Drake Bay to offer approximately 400 species of birds.

In Drake Bay you can observe red macaws, toucans, tan

s, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, manakins, sparrows, euphonias, orioles and many more species.

You can do the tour early morning or late afternoon, although we recommend you do the early morning better, since birds are more active during this hour of the day. As well you would like to see the most action possible and different species of birds of the Drake Bay area. The Bird Watching Tour is led by a nature specialist and the tour takes approximately 3 hours.

This tour begins at 5:00 am. The starting time can be changed according to your personal suggestion.

Tour info

3 hrs
Naturalist guide with equipment
US $85 per person.
5:30 am
Hiking shoes, binoculars and no colorful clothing
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