Stand Up Paddle on Lake Arenal

About this adventure

SUP the amazing Arenal Volcano Lake!

Enjoy one of the most impressive attractions in Costa Rica. The Arenal Volcano Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, because it is located at the foothill of the majestic Arenal Volcano, covered by an incredible rainforest with an infinite number of animals.

The Arenal Volcano Lake is the largest lake in Costa Rica and part of this lake covers the ancient city of La Fortuna, which today is completely covered in water. Many years ago, the locals decided to move the city to about 15 miles from the volcano due to the heavy activity that the colossus had. However, the Arenal volcano is currently asleep and inactive.

Our SUP tour begins with the pickup at your hotel or house in the Arenal volcano and La Fortuna area. The ride to the lake takes approximately 20 minutes. Upon arrival at the Arenal Volcano Lake, the first thing we do is to give you a brief historical introduction about the place and as well an explanation of how the activity will unfold. We immediately embarked our private boat with all the SUP equipment. As we move farther into the lake you can enjoy the incredible view at one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. As a relevant data, "the Arenal Volcano has the most perfect cone in the world". In addition, you will be able to observe different species of birds and animals.

If you do not enter the lake to be closer to the volcano, then the only view of the volcano would be from the cart and from that angle the forest usually covers the volcano view. Therefore, the view from any length is usually extremely poor compared to the view that you will have when you enter the Arenal Volcano Lake. We call that point the sweet volcano spot. Simply magnificent!!

Once we reach the sweet spot, we will throw the SUP boards to the water and will give you an important security explanation with safety rules for the greatest enjoyment of all the activity.

Ready to paddle? Start on your knees first, until you master your own balance and can stand up on the SUP board.

The Arenal Volcano Lake is extremely calm. Therefore, this is a recommended sport for everyone (you do not need experience at all).

During the activity, we paddle to a small island where we can relax and open a cooler to enjoy a delicious snack.

Tour info

4 hrs
Delicious tropical snack; paddle board equipment and paddling instructions; guide; transportion via van and boat.
US $89 per person
7:30 am - 12:30 pm
Sun block, Swimming suit, Towel, Eyeglass straps or contact lenses, T-shirt and shorts to get wet in.
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