Rio Celeste National Park Guided Hike

About this adventure

Río Celeste National Park is an emblematic attraction in Costa Rica. Comparable to a place of fantasy that everyone has ever imagined since childhood, this place is exactly like one of those magical places taken from fantasy tales.

Río Celeste National Park is approximately 1.5 hours from Arenal Volcano City (La Fortuna). This fantastic attraction is located in the middle of the exuberant rainforest in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The nature hike to Río Celeste is approximately 2 hours. During this hike you will have chances to observe several species of native animals that inhabit this park. Our tour guide who is a certified naturalist will provide you important and interesting information regarding the natural history of this beautiful place.

Once you get to see this river, you will be amazed because of the very epical blue water, as well with its breathtaking blue waterfall surrounded by the ever-green rainforest.

The origin of Río Celeste's turquoise coloration

The origin of the turquoise coloration that this fantastic river has is due to an interesting physical phenomenon known as Mie scattering, which is as well related to the volcanic activity of the various hot springs belonging to Tenorio Volcano.

Río Celeste is fed by two rivers which both have the normal natural watercolor, the Buenavista River and Sour Creek River. The Buenavista river carries a high concentration of aluminosilicate particles with quite small diameter. On the other hand, Sour Creek has a high acidity level due to a constant volcanic activity. When these two water streams mix to form the Celeste River, the intense drop of pH causes the aluminosilicate particles to enlarge the diameter. These suspended particles produce a dispersion of Mie that gives the river a strong turquoise coloration (especially when it receives more sunlight).

This tour is approximately 7 hours from door to door (with pickup at Arenal Volcano Area).

Typical lunch is included as well could water bottles and a certified naturalist guide.

Important notes:
  • Keep in mind that the river may not be blue colored during the very rainy season, because when it rains a lot then the water washes the mood and the river turns brown.
  • This tour is good for all ages.

Adventure info

8 hrs
Transportation, bilingual guide, entrances to park and lunch.
US $145 per person
7:00 am
Secure shoes for hiking, raingear, wáter, a change of clothes.
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