Hanging Bridges, La Fortuna Waterfall,
Arenal Volcano Hike and the Springs Tour

About this 4 in 1 tour

Stage 1

The tour begins with the hanging bridges nature tour at the Mistico Park which has an amazing rainforest full of wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, snakes, toucans, hummingbirds and more…

Our naturalist guide will take you on a nature walk to show you animals and give you interesting information about the natural history of flora and fauna in the park. The walk consists of 2 hours on an easy and accessible trail (easy for all ages). Throughout the activity you will pass through several suspended bridges. The bridges are hanging above the rainforest canopy, here you will have an excellent opportunity to appreciate a better ecosystem. We consider this hike as a star activity for bird watching.


Stage 2

After enjoying the hanging bridges adventure, the second stage is the visit to the impressive La Fortuna Waterfall. La Fortuna Waterfall is a paradise place with an impressive scenic beauty. La Fortuna Waterfall is in a nature reserve which is protected and managed by the local development association of the city La Fortuna. With approximately 500 acres of protected rainforest this heavenly place will give you a memorable visit.

With approximately 75 meters high, La Fortuna Waterfall will take your breath away. The walk to reach the waterfall is approximately 2km, however the walk is medium difficulty level because the topography of the place is highly inclined, so you have to walk down many steps of descent and walk up the hill for the return after the waterfall visit.

During the walk the tour guide will give you educational information about the flora and fauna of the Nature Reserve, you can also observe different kinds of animals such as howler monkeys, toucans, coatis, agoutis and other species.

Once you arrive at the waterfall, the first thing you will want to do is to photograph this beautiful natural treasure, also if you want and if the cold water does not bother you, then you can jump into the water for swimming and fully enjoy the large natural pool.

After the visit to La Fortuna Waterfall, we will take you to a family home for enjoying a delicious typical lunch served at an outdoor area and then you can have a delicious coffee while enjoying the sounds of the forest.


Stage 3

Our tour continues towards the colossal Arenal Volcano, to enjoy a memorable volcano hike. Get the closest you can ever be to this majestic volcano!

The walk to Arenal Volcano Park is approximately 2 hours. The naturalist guide will take you to observe the wildlife that inhabits this awesome place, you will walk along the trail right at the foothill of the Arenal Volcano. During this nature walk you can see hummingbirds, lizards, insects, hawks, snakes and a lot more.


Stage 4

The last part of the tour is a visit to The Springs; This paradisiacal place has 18 pools in the middle of beautiful gardens and has an impressive view of the Arenal Volcano. Here you can enjoy hot springs with different temperature levels, which vary from 80 ° to 105 ° F. You can find beautiful waterfalls and environments that vary in order to offer you the best possible enjoyment. Just walk the trails and find the hot spring that you like most, so you can relax after a day full of adventures.

Tour info

12.5 hrs
Round trip transportation, lunch, bilingual naturalist guide, fruits, entrance fee to the park and dinner.
US $300 per person | Children under 11 pay $216 each.
Approximately from 7:30am to 8:00pm, we pick you up and drop you off at your hotel
Tennis or hiking shoes, a bottle of water, raincoat, comfortable clothes, repellent, swimming suit and camera.
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